Who or what is a Baun bag?
Baun is a convenient and durable bag with a deposit system, with which you can order food from the e-store to your home.
  • The bag is made out of 100% recycled plastic;
  • It has a smaller ecological footprint;
  • You pay the deposit amount, which you get back when you return the bag;
  • It is possible to reuse the same bag up to 200 times.

Baun reusable shopping bags are made from recycled material!

To make enough rPET textile for sewing one durable Baun bag, as many as 16 plastic bottles are recycled

Why you should choose Baun?

Did you know that Estonians spend nearly 6 million euros a year on disposable bags?

You can go to the local grocery store with your own reusable bag, but this option is unavailable when ordering from the e-store.

Approximately 117,000 Estonians groan at home under a large pile of paper bags, which pile up every time they order food.

By choosing a reusable Baun bag from the e-shop you will save not only money, but also the environment, and you will contribute to reducing one-time packaging production.

Baun bags are made of rPET plastic, which is produced from already existing plastic, and at the end of its lifecycle, it can be recycled again.

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