Can I get a refund of the deposit I paid for the Baun bag?

Yes, you will get back the deposit amount paid for the Baun bag (2 EUR per bag) if you return the bag.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to use the Baun bag at all?

Similar to regular drink bottles, the use of a deposit contributes to the return of bags and prevents the bags from simply being left standing, or worse, being thrown away. Returning the deposit motivates clients to return the bags so that we can send them back into circulation :)

How to return Baun bags?

Baun bags can be returned in three ways:

1) You can return the bags to the e-Selver courier. To do this, scan all the QR codes on the bags before the next courier arrives and simply hand the bags over to him.

2) You can return the bags to the collection box named Tango, which is located at the smartpost machine. Similar to returning to a courier, scan the QR codes on the bags before placing them in the collection box. You can find the locations of currently available collection boxes HERE

3) Baun bags can also be returned to the information desk of certain Selver stores after scanning the QR codes on the bags. Shops where you can return Baun bags can be found on the map here: https://baun.ee/tagastus

Why does the QR code in the bag need to be scanned before returning the bag?

Each bag has a unique QR code, the scanning of which informs us that this bag is going to be returned, and in addition, we can find out who wants the refund of the deposit for this bag. If the bag is returned without scanning the QR code, the bag may be returned to us, but we do not know who returned it and who wants to get the deposit back for it.

I returned the bags but didn't scan the QR codes - what now?

In this case, please contact us directly so that we know to whom to return the deposit and from which return point the unscanned bags are going to reach us :)

The QR code on the bag is not working - how can I return this bag?

If the QR code on the bag is damaged for some reason and the code does not work, please contact us. Each bag also has a serial number under the code, with which we can still return the bag properly and refund the deposit.

I scanned the QR code on the bag, but the app shows 0 as the refundable deposit amount

Contact us and we can solve this problem immediately so that you still get a refund of EUR 2 for each bag

I scanned the QR codes and returned the bags but I have not received a refund

If you haven't received your refund within 7 days of returning the bags, please contact us - we'll find out what's the issue right away so you can get your refund quickly